Self-Portrait (BIRTHCHART ANALYSIS): A view of the dynamics and issues of one’s life. A way to identify your highest potential and opportunities, understand your energy patterns, emotional needs and how you express yourself.

What’s going on? (TRANSITS): A “current events” analysis, looking at the trends and possibilities of the next  18-24 months. The time frame varies with the amount of astrological activity occurring in one’s chart.

It’s all about relationships! (SYNASTRY): A consideration of two charts from any type of relationship. The perspective can be from romantic liaisons to family units, from business partners to employee guidance. Please note that  the consent of all parties is required.

Tyke readings (CHILD BIRTHCHART): For parents, educators and health professionals who want to learn more about the child they are responsible for and  help them to find and follow its own path right from the start.

It’s my birthday! (SOLAR RETURN): From birthday to birthday know what will be the flavor of your year, the opportunities not to miss and the challenges to face.

Astrological Coaching: Through a series of readings/sessions, using “Life Coaching” techniques, we analyze the aspects of the chart in order to better deal with them. Price upon request.

And don’t forget, an Astrology Reading makes a terrific birthday gift, wedding gift, or for any other special occasion.

All readings  are 60 minutes and are digitally recorded.

To schedule a reading, contact me at 415-648-1932 or email me at


Fabienne provided a reading for me that was thorough and detailed. She explained everything to me and patiently answered my questions. She has complete faith in astrology and her ability to use this as a tool to help people make better use of their talents, make better decisions, or simply have more understanding of themselves. She also provided me with a printed chart and a copy of our session on CD.” December 6, 2009 – Melinda R.

Fabienne gave me an insightful and learned astrology reading that I still reference today month’s later. Her down-to-earth communication style and her deep understanding of both astrology and life changes served to give me a sense of safety and confidence. Thanks Fabienne!” October 23, 2009 – Beth B.

Fabienne coach approach to astrology leaves me with useful direction and positive ways to behave, which have served me well. She’s thorough, clear, and sends you a CD in the mail the next day!” October 21, 2009 – Helen S.


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