Homer Simpson — Best TV Character!

22 06 2010

©June 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson was nominated by Entertainment Weekly as the best character from TV and film. He beat out Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tony Soprano, and The Joker, to round out the top five.

What makes him so endearing? Maybe because Homer Simpson embodies the essence of modern American man. He is the stereotypical male. He loves his wife and kids and he goes to church every week.

According to Wikipedia, Homer Simpson made his debut as the great yellow doofus, along with the rest of his family, in The Tracey Ullman Show short “Good Night” on April 19, 1987.

Based on the date of his television debut, Homer is a late Aries. He is direct and confrontational, most of the time. Homer’s brain works only in instant gratification mode, the perfect example of Aries motto: “I want it now!” He is aggressive when disagreed with. He acts based on his emotions and passions, like a typical ram, though is hard working even though he expresses hate towards his job. What he loves, he loves thoroughly, food being one, bacon in particular.

When doing research for this article, I came across The Bacon Royal Society website that prominently displays the top 10 quotes from Homer about this diet staple.

Homer: I’ll have the smiley face breakfast special. Uhh, but could you add a bacon nose? Plus bacon hair, bacon mustache, five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits and a bacon body?

I probably should add a disclaimer at this point of my post. I really do not like the Simpsons. All the working class stereotypes that he embodies — crudeness, incompetency, clumsiness, laziness, ignorance — do not sound funny to me. Even his fierce devotion to this family does not earn points with me, as I do not have a strong attachment to family.

I still cringe about the episode when he visits Rio de Janeiro to search for an orphan that Lisa was sponsoring. Rio de Janeiro, my hometown, is portrayed as a jungle populated by monkeys, where street crime is rampant along with kidnappings, slums, and rat infestations. I lost count of the number of times when people upon learning that I am Brazilian ask me if this particular Simpson episode was true.

My sense of humor does clash with his. I do prefer things more subtle. What’s to like about him and his sense of humor? He is a bullish, stubborn, and a rather immoral character without a clue on how to live in society. Homer Simpson feels to me like a BIG MOUTH, or rather like the shadow side of Aries.

(I have a rather visceral reaction to Homer Simpson and could not understand the basis for it. The fact that I did not like his sense of humor was not enough. I finally figured why I didn’t like him after mulling his chart quite a bit).

Looking at the chart for when the first episode aired, I saw that The Simpsons, and by extension, Homer Simpson, is a multiple Aries, with Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in that sign. The Mercury and Jupiter are in tight conjunction in Aries. The aspect would translate into big (Jupiter), words (mercury) in a foot-in-the-mouth brash style. (Aries is not known for its diplomatic skills). This characteristic would be increase by the favorable aspect the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction makes with Mars (Aries ruler) in Gemini, giving more power to Homer’s words.

It might explain his criminal tendencies since he will lie to anyone anytime anywhere to get what he wants. Remember, Aries people are shining knights on white horses on a mission. Aries can believe so utterly in his or her own dreams, talent, and messianic mission, that he expects that less talented souls should provide the material means for him to achieve it. Therefore he will use whatever means necessary to accomplish his objective.

The Mercury/Jupiter in Aries aspecting favorably Mars in Gemini would also indicate the show’s success as a corporate-manufactured product that openly and self-reflexively parodies the very consumer capitalism it simultaneously promotes.

The chart also shows a Moon (feelings) Neptune (illusion) conjunction in Capricorn. This conjunction makes for a complicated emotional nature. Moon in Capricorn by itself has a need for emotional control, reserve and security. These needs are muddied by a Neptune conjunction. Neptune adds a non-worldly air, which could have taken the form of anything from fantasy to spirituality to outright delusion about his own life. This shows up on the episode “Simpson and Delilah” when Homer gets a promotion and hires a secretary to help him impress his employers, and when Homer still thinks he is on the right career track after being at the same entry level job for 7 years.

When I tell people that I do not care for the Simpsons, they tell me I do not “get” the tongue-in-cheek humor. To which I respond: D’OH!

They also tell me I am not informed on politics, social issues, etc., that the show makes fun of, implying that one has to be informed and therefore somewhat educated to understand much of the show’s humor, and if they are not, then they don’t “get” it. To the contrary, I am more informed than the average American, having lived in many different countries which give me a rather different perspective on things.

What bothers me about The Simpsons is the one-sided view of the world. The show seems uni-dimensional, with the American view of the world as being the main parameter for understanding human behavior. Even though the show does have a universal appeal in terms of social psychology, it does nothing to dig out Americans of their limited view of the world.

I am probably offending a lot of people here and I recognize that some of my own view of The Simpsons is prejudiced and I most certainly do not get his humor.

But Homer Simpson Best TV Character? Really? Rather the Shadow Side of Aries




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