Meet Fabienne

I am Brazilian born from a French mother and an American father. At an early age, I  learned to speak French and English in addition to Portuguese and to navigate 3 different cultures  at the same time. Since then, I’ve added astrology to my language skills and multi-cultural perspective.

Growing up, I stuck out like a sore thumb, still do. I have been  living in the United States since 1996. Before that I lived in Europe, mostly in France.

Before I became a professional astrologer, I was a client of astrology. In Brazil, I met  astrologer Walter Correa and began using annual consultations with him as a method of supporting my  personal effort to become more aware of my Self. He was the first astrologer who showed me I could use the information to reframe my view of the World. I could gain fluidity in my relationship to circumstance. Like navigating a river, a river unique to me –but shared by us all — I started to develop the ability to look and choose the best approach to dealing with my current and coming circumstances, making the most of the events and phases marking my life. It was Walter who set me on the Astrology Path.

In 1996, a woman I knew who lived in San Francisco called and said, “Why not move here?”And I thought, “What the hell!” and said, “Yes!” I sold everything, and suddenly I was living in San Francisco.

Here, I began to  intensely study  astrology.  At that time, my focus was 100% on stopping   the personal pain from my own internal disharmony; and getting some sense of what was happening to me. There was absolutely no thought of turning it into a career. I was trying to make sense of a lot of things I lived through. I was working at healing myself.

I consider astrology a practical, spiritual and psychological tool; a science; an intuitive art; a gift; a friend; a path of personal growth and knowledge; and now, a means of personal contribution to others.  I often meditate on the Archetypical symbolism of the planets. I’m frequently found with my nose buried in astrology books, an ephemeris by my side, studying charts. Writings by Liz Greene, Richard Idemon and Howard Sasportas have had a tremendous influence on my astrological views and practice.

Today I live and work in San Francisco, and work with clients from around the world.


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