About Astrology Unboxed

The aim of  Astrology  Unboxed is to promote astrology, encourage creativity and self-expression, and support reflection and awareness through fun, art and multi-thinking.

Borrowed from Jeffrey Baumgartner, multi-thinking is the inspiration happening when your mind occasionally turns to one thought while you are working on another, creating new ideas and synergies. (Jeffrey Baumgartner is the editor of Report 103, a weekly newsletter on creativity, ideas and innovation.)

Astrology Unboxed will be playful, sensuous, thought provoking, reflective, inspirational, fiery and loving. Let’s not forget mischievous, and intelligent. I will fill it full of reflections, observations and wisdom gleaned over the years through the lens of astrology, life coaching, and my life.

Astrology Unboxed will show how you can understand better your life’s myth, so you can heal and become responsible for your life, and experience the thrill of all the amazing things you do and can do.

Both astrology and life coaching were instrumental when I was traversing the bumpy road of my mid-life crisis. Both provided me with the opportunity for re-assessment and re-evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses. My mid-life crisis was an opportunity to delve more deeply into my own emotional baggage.

I will lend some insights into my own adventures and how I’m living my own transits. I am a big believer in experience over theory when it comes to helping and inspiring others.

I encourage lots of readers’ comments, whether they are questions, statements or outright disagreements.

Astrology Unboxed will strive to be a “lubricant” for community building. Where all sides can share their experiences and help each other.

Astrology Unboxed will be always a work in progress.


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