How to Nurture Your Creativity with Astrology

3 08 2010

© August 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Creative astrologyAre you creative?

When I ask this question, my answer is generally No!

But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a Yes!

Even then, there might be a few seconds of delay, before I get the positive response delivered in various levels of conviction.

Remember when you were a kid and being a princess, a shiny knight, a super-hero was easy, fun and effortless? Do you still remember when you showed off your latest abstract wall painting or sculpture made with all sorts of pasta with the certitude that it was absolutely perfect? Back then, you could sing, dance, paint, draw and imagine without hesitation, doubt or fear.

So what happened?

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Water and Fire by Darby Costello – A Book Review (Sort of)

18 05 2010

© May  2010 by Fabienne Lopez

When I first started studying Astrology one of the first things I encountered was the 4 elemental signs: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Here’s a brief explanation of how the elements relate to different functions in our personalities and temperaments: Fire is linked to action; Earth to common sense; Air to the thinking function and Water to feelings. That was all I was exposed to. Maybe every now and then some article would list a few keywords but had no in depth explanations.

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Asterix and Astrology

29 04 2010

©April 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Mystic Medusa’s posts on Astrology and cartoons inspired me to write a post with my own favorite cartoon characters. Being raised in a multicultural family, I came in contact with a variety of cartoons, so I assumed everybody knew the same characters as I did. Imagine my shock the other day when talking to G. and he didn’t know who Asterix was!

Over a cup of coffee, I happened to mention my love for Asterix the Gaul. He gave me a blank look because he had not, never ever, heard of this character before. As can be expected, I was shocked and horrified.

“How can you have never heard of Asterix?” I cried.

He looked a little alarmed at my outburst.

“Asterix is famous! He is everyone’s childhood hero. The books still make me roll on the ground with laughter.”

He gave me a polite nod, took a bite of his Danish, and changed the conversation.

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