5 Tips For A Better Communication Using Mercury Retrograde

10 08 2010

© August 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Mercury retrogradeMercury Retrograde in Virgo: Reviewing our Communication Patterns

Mercury retrogrades 3 or 4 times a year. The third Mercury retrograde will happen in Virgo (8/20/2010 to 9/12/2010). Combining Mercury (communication, thought) with the qualities of Virgo (precision, logical, quick, practical and common sense) and you have a recipe on learning how to communicate with less static in our daily communications. A good usage of Mercury retrograde in a Virgo period.

Communication skills are something we are always emphasizing in our workplace, resumes, daily life etc… But how many of us are really capable of effective communication? How many of us know how to communicate in a way that conveys the message clearly?

The Emotional Cost of Miscommunication

At the same time, we complain about being misinterpreted and misunderstood. Ineffective communication skills can cause havoc and impact the quality of our life. The book by John Gray, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, illustrated the difficulties and the cost both genders encounter because of poor communications in the increase of conflicts, misunderstanding, hurt and resentment. No wonder communication skills are so valued. So much can be lost in translation—the coding and encoding that is done between sender and receiver. Yet, our ability to effectively translate and to clearly convey our intention and message is extremely important in our daily life. It is this combination of both clearly conveying and accurately receiving that makes up effective communication.

Inspired by the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, here are 5 tips to improve communication

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Mind-Empower-Reality’s-Creation-Unlock-Reawaken-Yourself: An Acronym for Mercury in Pisces

21 05 2010

©May  2010 by Fabienne Lopez

It goes like this. Every other week, I have a coaching session over the phone with my writing coach, Beth Barany.  We will go over the edits  of the work I previously sent her, clarify doubts, ping-pong ideas for conclusions,  massage concepts for the “meaty “part of the post, etc. That’s the easy part. Then comes the dreaded question:

Beth: ”So, what are you working on?”

Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh… Silence. More silence. Breathing. Even more silence. Sigh. “I don’t know. I have nothing to say. No new ideas.”

It’s almost like a ritual.  (I hear a chuckle on the other side of the phone). Beth then starts to bounce off ideas. She helps and teaches wannabe bloggers how to get started in blog land. Therefore she has a lot experience with that kind of reaction. As we start to banter, my imagination gets all warmed up and playful, starts to take off as images come pouring down as a summer rain, refreshing after a hot day.

And that is Mercury is Pisces.

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Water and Fire by Darby Costello – A Book Review (Sort of)

18 05 2010

© May  2010 by Fabienne Lopez

When I first started studying Astrology one of the first things I encountered was the 4 elemental signs: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Here’s a brief explanation of how the elements relate to different functions in our personalities and temperaments: Fire is linked to action; Earth to common sense; Air to the thinking function and Water to feelings. That was all I was exposed to. Maybe every now and then some article would list a few keywords but had no in depth explanations.

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Asterix and Astrology

29 04 2010

©April 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Mystic Medusa’s posts on Astrology and cartoons inspired me to write a post with my own favorite cartoon characters. Being raised in a multicultural family, I came in contact with a variety of cartoons, so I assumed everybody knew the same characters as I did. Imagine my shock the other day when talking to G. and he didn’t know who Asterix was!

Over a cup of coffee, I happened to mention my love for Asterix the Gaul. He gave me a blank look because he had not, never ever, heard of this character before. As can be expected, I was shocked and horrified.

“How can you have never heard of Asterix?” I cried.

He looked a little alarmed at my outburst.

“Asterix is famous! He is everyone’s childhood hero. The books still make me roll on the ground with laughter.”

He gave me a polite nod, took a bite of his Danish, and changed the conversation.

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Writing during Mercury Retrograde: A Blogger’s Experience

19 04 2010

©April 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Astrology Unboxed started during the Mercury retrograde in Virgo that happened September 6, 2009 through September 29, 2009. For this new Mercury retrograde transit in Taurus (from April 18 to  May 11, 2010) I feel the need to stop, reflect and review some thoughts and discoveries concerning the creative process.

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The Astrological Signature of the Anti-Hero

15 04 2010

© April 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Beth Barany and I have been inspiring each the over the subject of heroes. Her questions through twitter about a hero named Jack set my wheels spinning about what would the chart of a hero look like.

In turn, my own post inspired her to ask her audience who their hero was? Which, in a feedback loop, inspired me again.

In her post she used a picture of Johnny Depp in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow to illustrate her point. When I remarked that Jack Sparrow was more the archetype for the anti-hero than the hero, she agreed. For a great astrological analysis of Jack Sparrow as the archetype of Mercury, the Trickster, see Jeffrey Kishner.

What is an anti-hero? Besides being the “evil” twin of a hero and the cousin of the bad guy. A definition from filmnoirstudies.com states that the anti-hero character is: The principal protagonist of a film who lacks the attributes or characteristics of a typical hero, but with whom the audience identifies. The character is often confused or conflicted with ambiguous morals, or character defects and eccentricities, and lacks courage, honesty, or grace.

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