That Special Book in My Life

9 07 2010

Her  Lover (Belle du Seigneur) from Albert Cohen. And I have read it over and over. I do not care for the plot, although I find it a very interesting, realistic, passionate and sometimes cruel study of love, the consummation of love and everything this words encompasses. But what fascinates me about the book is the intrinsic musicality of the book.There is no other way that I can define it, That book is music to me. I do not see the words, but hear the music that springs from it. Albert Cohen’s writing is so melodious to my ears that I fall under its spell every time I read it. To me, the book is not a book, but a melody, a symphony of rhythm, coloratura and composition that just fascinates me,  I do not know how the musicality of the book translates into English, but in the original French, it just enthralls me and resonates with me at a very deep level to the the point that the story does not matter. This is the only book I had such a reaction too in all my years of book worming.


Choosing an astrologer: it’s not a case of eenie, meenie, minee, moe…..

8 07 2010

©July 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Have you ever reflected back upon your life and wondered, “What’s next for me?” Or, maybe you’re stuck in your current life and are needing clarity and the present. An astrologer will aid you in figuring out the next steps.

Are you curious about having an astrological consultation, and are ready to have your first one? How do you go about finding an astrologer that will give a fulfilling experience?

Finding an astrologer isn’t difficult. But finding a good astrologer is a little more challenging. But if you ask a few questions, then you’ll find the right astrologer for you, and have a fulfilling and enriching experience.

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My Favorite Mistake

1 07 2010

As a writer in training I am loving these little prompts. Modern Haiku in the age of blogging? I can exercise imagination and humor. Yeah!

Disney’s Annoying Mistakes

The one I will make. Past mistakes are done and over. I might have learned from them or not. But a future mistake is a an opportunity to start anew much like the Chinese character for crisis which encompasses difficulties but also opportunities.

Soccer and The 12 Signs of Astrology

1 07 2010

©July 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

2010 World Cup I am glued to the TV watching every game of the Brazilian soccer team in the World Cup. As I surfed the Internet during half time, I found, on Saturnalia, this article

in Portuguese on soccer and the 12 signs of the Brazilian team, written by El Gatón.

I translated the original post from Portuguese and adapted it for my English-speaking readers.

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If I Had Unlimited Resources, I Would…

30 06 2010

If I had unlimited resources I would

That’s a lot of pressure to come up with a inspirational, fun and witty answer. But the truth is I don’t know. This is the kind of question we are seldom confronted with in real life. If I was a Miss Universe pageant I would say “World Peace”. But I am not. I am a middle aged woman bent on developing her passion for astrology, creativity and herself. Sure, unlimited resources to create whatever we want seems like a dream come true. But would it be fun? Helpful? Inspirational. Would it help me become a better person? I think this is a choice we have to make everyday independently of the amount of resources available. But it certainly could make for interesting times and stories.

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Vampires and the Plutonian Archetype

24 06 2010

©June 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Vampires have come along way since Bram Stoker claimed Dracula back from the dead in 1897. Since that time, vampires have invaded the media world. Book series bring into vampire’s struggles to life. Films turn them into major heartthrobs. And their legends and myths translate to real time role playing games over the internet. They have become a cash cow to feed from and the livestock of many novel writers.

In a word, vampires have become fashionable, sexy and drop dead gorgeous. But they haven’t lost all their original characteristics.

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Homer Simpson — Best TV Character!

22 06 2010

©June 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson was nominated by Entertainment Weekly as the best character from TV and film. He beat out Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tony Soprano, and The Joker, to round out the top five.

What makes him so endearing? Maybe because Homer Simpson embodies the essence of modern American man. He is the stereotypical male. He loves his wife and kids and he goes to church every week.

According to Wikipedia, Homer Simpson made his debut as the great yellow doofus, along with the rest of his family, in The Tracey Ullman Show short “Good Night” on April 19, 1987.

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