That Special Book in My Life

9 07 2010

Her  Lover (Belle du Seigneur) from Albert Cohen. And I have read it over and over. I do not care for the plot, although I find it a very interesting, realistic, passionate and sometimes cruel study of love, the consummation of love and everything this words encompasses. But what fascinates me about the book is the intrinsic musicality of the book.There is no other way that I can define it, That book is music to me. I do not see the words, but hear the music that springs from it. Albert Cohen’s writing is so melodious to my ears that I fall under its spell every time I read it. To me, the book is not a book, but a melody, a symphony of rhythm, coloratura and composition that just fascinates me,  I do not know how the musicality of the book translates into English, but in the original French, it just enthralls me and resonates with me at a very deep level to the the point that the story does not matter. This is the only book I had such a reaction too in all my years of book worming.




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9 07 2010

It’s interesting to see that you are using Plinky- I was just looking at it the other day. It’s a neat idea, how do you like it?

9 07 2010
Astrology Unboxed

Hi Michelle:
I love it! It’s my five minutes of daily fun. I get to express myself, write a bit for no rime or reason in one big swoosh, with no afterthought to audience, astrology and followers. Uncensored creativity. I can compare to a morsel of exquisite chocolate. Although I must confess some prompts are hard for me and I question my wisdom in publishing the results of these prompts on my blog. But all in all, I love it. Tempted?

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