Choosing an astrologer: it’s not a case of eenie, meenie, minee, moe…..

8 07 2010

©July 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Have you ever reflected back upon your life and wondered, “What’s next for me?” Or, maybe you’re stuck in your current life and are needing clarity and the present. An astrologer will aid you in figuring out the next steps.

Are you curious about having an astrological consultation, and are ready to have your first one? How do you go about finding an astrologer that will give a fulfilling experience?

Finding an astrologer isn’t difficult. But finding a good astrologer is a little more challenging. But if you ask a few questions, then you’ll find the right astrologer for you, and have a fulfilling and enriching experience.

What can an astrologer do for me?

GIVE YOU USEFUL INFORMATION! Your astrologer will ask you questions to help clarify what’s really important to you and then assist you by giving you a timeline of when to push your plans ahead.

How do I know if your astrological consultation meet my specific needs?

Before your astrological consultation, an astrologer will take the time to understand you and your needs. A women looking for advice on relationships is very different from someone who is coming to see an astrologer for career clarification. Both can benefit from an outside perspective. Asking a professional astrologer will lead to helpful insight, revealing things you may not have considered! In that way, a whole new set of options opens up for your life, giving you new opportunities for a richer life.

What are you looking for in an astrological reading? Know what you are looking for. When you do begin looking around for an astrologer you will quickly find is that astrologers come in all sorts of flavors. Know what type of astrology they specialize in, i.e., spiritual, psychological, past life, etc, and choose one based on your needs.

What is the astrologers background? Background check. Once you have selected 2 or 3, interview them. Ask them what their background and their experience are. Do they hold any formal qualifications? If not, where did they learn about astrology? Are they members of a professional astrological association? Can they provide you with references or contact information from clients?

Sun and the planets

How does the astrologer communicate with you? No “astrologese.” When interviewing them, check to see what type of language they use. Are they easy to understand or do they use terms what make you scratch your head? The less “astrologese” the better. A good astrologer should not use any technical term without making sure that you are knowledgeable about the meaning of these terms.

Do they ask questions? Do they interview you about your situation, your expectations concerning the reading? The benefit of asking questions is to help you come out of an astrological consultation aware of what is coming up for you and empowered that you can handle the changes ahead.

What are your specific situational needs? Specific Situation: If you have a specific “situation” you want to discuss with an astrologer, ask them what their is experience in dealing with that type of problem. What type of help can they provide you during the consultation and afterward? (Referral to some other professional, follow-up consultation, etc.)

Do they consult other astrologers? Ask them if they have hired an astrologer themselves for their own consultations. Their answer will tell you how much they are used to being in the client’s seat and how much they understand the consultation process from a client’s standpoint of view.

Are you ready? Yes! When you are ready to make an appointment have two things firm in your mind: your birth data (date, time and place of birth) and your decision on what it is you are looking for. This will guarantee you an exceptional reading.

What questions to you have for me? The astrologer is in! Let’s talk about how I may be the perfect astrologer for you.

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One response

8 07 2010
Jorge Torres

Great Post ThankYou Fabienne Lopez !!!

If i can i would also read posts from the astrologers and try to understand about astrology.

Blessings !!!

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