Soccer and The 12 Signs of Astrology

1 07 2010

©July 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

2010 World Cup I am glued to the TV watching every game of the Brazilian soccer team in the World Cup. As I surfed the Internet during half time, I found, on Saturnalia, this article

in Portuguese on soccer and the 12 signs of the Brazilian team, written by El Gatón.

I translated the original post from Portuguese and adapted it for my English-speaking readers.


A lot of people are asking what is the best sign for a soccer player. As an astrologer, I say each sign is different, because there is no bad sign. If we were to schedule a team according to the 12 signs, which sign would be doing what?

Virgo would be the goalkeeper since Virgo is a sign of manual labor and the goalie is the only player who uses his hands. Always looking for perfection, Virgo as the goalkeeper will always be looking for technical perfection since he cannot fail without being criticized by everybody made to pay for his failure, specially if this is the final match that determines who wins the World Cup. No possibility of redemption.

Gemini as the fastest player on the field would play right back. This position would allow him to travel fast all over the field and play multiple positions: defense, midfield and attack. Mercury at its best everywhere and nowhere in particular.

On the other side, as left back, would be Taurus. With his calm demeanor, he can transmit security and keep his teammates calm and focused. Taurus knows how to wait for the perfect opportunity to move forward and score against the opponent. Although sometimes Taurus can be as slow as an ox.

In the left half back and right half back positions, Cancer and Capricorn. Both very tenacious signs that never let go! Always protecting and defending their position, or in this case, the goal area. Capricorn in particular is very adept at organizing the defense plays, never leaving that position unguarded. Both signs are very good a defensive strategies and predicting the opponent movements.

World Cup trophy

In the Middle field, would be Libra and Scorpio. Libra has a vital role. With his natural ability to be a team player, he is the best sign to act as an intermediary and pass the ball to the best positioned player. Scorpio would be in middle field because it is the sign that does the work that needs to be done. Disarm, or kill the counterattack, a sign that knows danger when it sees it. Scorpio is at his best when paired up with the halfbacks, and likes to score as if it were a form of seduction. Warning though! Never betray his trust.

In middle-right next to Scorpio, would be Sagittarius, for whom soccer is a religion, and who has a whole philosophy on the art of soccer. As the player with the most international experience, he is familiar with the game philosophy of every adversary. In addition, he is able to curse in several different languages. On the other hand, he does not like to score.

In the half-left, the King, the captain of the team, the one who has the honor to wear the #10 jersey would be Leo, symbol of creativity par excellence. The sign that welcomes all applause and all boos. He likes to lead his team to the victory. He is generous and easily shares the ball with his subjects that depend on him in front of the goal zone. However, Leo needs to watch out for excessive pride and to avoid thinking the game revolves around him.

In front, would be Aquarius and Aries. Aquarius for his geniality and rebelliousness, and being the sign of inventiveness, will always come up with plays never seen before. Sometimes though, Aquarius can intransigent and dogmatic. Next to it would be Aries, because of his fighting spirit, impetuosity, opportunism, and boldness, and also because he is always the first one to reach the goal! The only thing that matters for Aries is that he, and he alone, be the one to score (which can lead to fights and quarrels.) To win is his motto.

And finally, Pisces would be the twelfth player. Pisces who suffers whether his team wins or loses.  As the sign that rules ecstasy, joy, and collective forces, he is the cheerleader par excellence. At every game, he is there with his prayers, superstitions, and emotions. When his team is winning, he is all joy, but if the visiting team flips the game he is convinced it is the end of the world.


Football fans

Brazilian fans

As World Cup fever strikes around the world, I decide that my astrology blog would too! Go Brazil!

Photos: Flickr Common Creatives




10 responses

3 07 2010

How much fun! I wonder what the sign breakdown of the woeful England time is, I’m going to look into that.
Genuinely sorry that Brazil got knocked out yesterday. It sure has been an unpredictable tournament!

5 07 2010
Astrology Unboxed

Let me know if you find anything interesting. It might make for an interesting article.

1 07 2010
Jo Tracey

love love love love this!

2 07 2010
Astrology Unboxed

Hi Jo:
Thanks and welcome to my blog. It was really fun to translate and adapt from the original. Too bad Brazil was eliminated in the end. I hope you are enjoying the World Cup as much as I do.

1 07 2010

Hi .. Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved your piece, and laughed hardest with Sagittarius in the midfield. Bravo – what a great summation – I’ve also shared it with some of my readers, so hopefully a few new people coming along to your site. Well done!!


2 07 2010
Astrology Unboxed

Hi Rozanna:

Welcome to my blog and thank you for the encouragement and sharing my post with your readers. It would be wonderful to meet new readers. Your help is appreciated. Soccer can indeed unite people across continents. Please let me know what do you write about so I can check it out too! It’s true that

3 07 2010

Hi again .. I’m a Sydney based astrologer, with a huge passion for football (having previously worked in the realm). My *site* is on FaceBook – if you’re on there, look for AstroSparkles – would welcome you along 🙂

5 07 2010
Astrology Unboxed

Yes I did find you on twitter and Facebook and loved the idea of a dear Abby column. I am also on Facebook and twitter under my name. Did you work as a referee or a player? How do you like the games so far. I must confess I lost interest now that Brazil is out. What can I say I am shallow or patriotic ?!!

1 07 2010
Astrology Unboxed

Hi Eva:
Maybe that a project for the next World Cup. I know Gauquelin’s research showed Mars predominant in charts of athletes. But mostly I wanted to have fun and cheer about Brazil. I hate sports in general and World Cup is about the only time I am glued to the Tv watching a game. More for the atmosphere and celebration than anything else. Are watching the games? Whose team are you cheering for? Btw, how is your book writing going?

1 07 2010
Eva McKellen

Thanks for translating this! I really enjoyed it.

Allegedly the former French team manager used to pick members by their sign… as we saw that didn’t turn out so well! But again, allegedly, it wasn’t done with the deeper understanding of astrology, just a cut and dry more elizabethan approach.

I wonder how many keepers are Virgos. Would be interesting to find out!

thanks for another interesting article 🙂

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