A Writer Emerging: Song of My Soul

31 03 2010

©March 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Like many bloggers I want to write about specific events in time in the hopes it will attract readers because the subject matter is on the news. In January 2010, the big news, in the astrological world, was Jupiter moving into Pisces and how Jupiter was going to affect all 12 signs. There was also some speculation on how Jupiter was going to play out in terms of events at the world level (what astrologers call Mundane Astrology).

I start reading about Pisces, Jupiter and Jupiter in Pisces. After pages and pages of reading, I was bored. Not in the sense that what I read was meaningless, but in the sense that it did not inspire me, no thrills, no gut feeling, no little knot of excitement in the pit of my stomach, no whispers of inspiration. Zip, nada, niente, zilch, nothing. All the reading I had done was just a jumble of words, with no meaning. I could only hear blah, blah, blah. Not good!

I officially had writer’s block. The deadline was fast approaching and I do not want to miss it. My eyes were focused on the sand dial slowly slipping away while I felt the pressure increasing to come up with something, anything that could be published.

Time to resort to the arsenal of tricks:

The 15-minute post: Where you write for that amount of time and only that number of minutes. It supposedly frees your inhibitions and gets you going. You have a sense of accomplishing something, instead of just getting anxious about your lack of writing.

The shift in perspective exercise: Where I play by putting on different hats (literally) and see how a policeman, a firefighter, a nurse, a clown, a gardener would look at the situation. A life coaching technique – the shift in perspective, not the hats — that helps get unstuck from the paralysis generated by the situation.

The doodling writing trick. “Doodle, doodle doo, doodle doodle dee, bring me some inspiration, pretty pleaz.” It’s a cousin of the cloud observation exercise where you look at things and jot down the images that pop up in your mind. After you are done, focus on the message and not the symbols as the seeds of your writing.

The reward trick. If I actually write my article, then I can buy a new astrology book. That’s usually a pretty strong incentive.

But nothing really worked. I only had disjointed pieces lying around that, if assembled, would look like more like Frankenstein than Mary Shelley.

My deadline passed and I had no article on Jupiter moving into Pisces. I knew I would have another opportunity later this year, in July, when, after zipping through Pisces and entering Aries, Jupiter will slow down and move back to Pisces. Therefore, I left my pieces lying around hoping that I had planted a seed that would germinate in time.

Today, my article sprung back to life. Just like that. Suddenly I had my Ariadne thread that was getting me out of the labyrinth of the blah, blah, blah I had been hearing on the theme of Jupiter in Pisces.

Today, I was reminded that writing is an organic process with a rhythm unto its own. Inspiration suddenly springs to life. Something inside unlocks and you get into a flow state. I do not know where it comes from. It just happens, between breaths. On one breath, you are still struggling, not knowing where to go, your mind blank, finger posed on your keyboard, paralyzed, unsure of the direction. On the next intake, there it is: Inspiration. Something inside has unlocked, come to bloom and your fingers fly on the keyboard, playing catch up with the words, racing to the final period, elation gripping your senses, heart singing joyously as you get caught in the world of words, paragraphs, punctuation, dialogue, and syntax. If I wanted to be poetic, I would say it is your soul, my soul, wanting to express itself. And express it does.

I recently noticed that while awakening in the morning, I am writing in my head: complete sentences, whole paragraphs, plots and subplots, crystal clear in my head. The observer in me is amazed. I am not still yet used to be a writer.

There is a time to seed, and a time to unfold and come to light. Until then, you walk in fog and mist, not perceiving the reality of what is being born, but only glimpses of possibilities. The mist is fertile territory but, like many writers, I suffer from anxiety. We want a continuous flow, and not to be left hanging without ever knowing if what we have planted is going to grow. “As writers, writing coach, Beth Barany says, we need to develop trust in ourselves that while in the fallow period, we will emerge with growth in the spring.”

I recognize now that I have found my bearings with this article, that I enjoyed the wait, even if I was not aware of it. I like to think that this seeding period is much like being pregnant. It is an opportunity to dream, imagine what our child will look like. Let your dreams and inspirations take form, grow, gain strength, become a full individual.

I am surprised and delighted about the direction my article on Jupiter in Pisces is taking. (To be unveiled soon! I promise!) It’s a beautiful child. I would have never thought of going in the direction it has taken. The central idea is interesting. I can feel the melody, rhythm of the ideas, how they connect to each other to paint a beautiful portrait. I am excited, my senses humming, and putting joy in my heart, grounding me into who I am. All good things.

That’s why I write. I want to hear the song of my soul.

How do you hear the song of your soul?




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1 04 2010
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1 04 2010
Beth Barany

Through writing, too. And sometimes by deep conversation with a friend. And from deep listening to clients, friends, loved ones. I learn things about myself from an entirely new perspective.

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