Astrology on TV?: The 15-Minute Post

25 02 2010

© February 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

As I am going through a inspiration dry spell — nothing much I want to talk about, Beth suggested the 15 minutes post. It is 8:45 PM. At 09:00 PM I will have a post ready to be published. Will I be able to write something coherent and interesting in 15 minutes? Let’s see!

Before I started writing this post, I was on Facebook having a lively, lovely discussion with other astrologers on the reasons there are no TV shows featuring an astrologer as the main character or using astrology as the main theme. The discussion started thanks to N. R. who posted –- I was almost going to say RT (re-tweeted) a post from Learning Curve of the Ecliptic. She asked the question.

Among the Science Fiction/ Supernatural shows, there is a Vampire show (True Blood), a show based on mediumship (Medium) where the lead character has dreams predicting crimes about to happen, or dreams giving clues which help solve crimes. There is also a ghost series (Ghost Whisperer) where Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a character who helps dead people go to the other side after dealing with some unfinished business. So why not astrology?

The argument that sparked the discussion was that astrology was too abstract to be turned into a show. Is this true? gives the following definition of the word abstract:    
Thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances: an abstract idea. Astrology is not apart from concrete realities. On the contrary, every day we live our natal chart — who we are — but we also manifest our transits in concrete ways. Just think about how the moon influences our daily mood and extend that to all the other planets

Theoretical; not applied or practical: abstract science. Astrology has many practical applications: medical applications, weather-related predictions, in the financial world, counseling, psychology, relationships. Although it has a theoretical model, we can use it for everyday life purposes.

Difficult to understand; abstruse: abstract speculations. Like any system, astrology possesses it’s own language, belief system and concepts. Like any subject, to understand it you need to study it.

I believe the problem is not so much astrology being abstract but rather the complexity of a chart. An individual’s chart has so many layers, so many possibilities on manifesting itself that to reduce it to one single concept is almost impossible. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves and mediums seem easier concepts to give form to. Ghosts are dead people who are lost in this world, vampires are living dead, mediums can see the future. On the other hand, astrology has many more meanings and possibilities, hence the difficulty of reducing to a single concept.

But if it could, what are the possibilities? Some suggestions from the group discussion happening on my wall on Facebook:

–      A show featuring a PI who is also an astrologer. The main character uses horary astrology to solve his clues

–      A show in the same style as HBO’s “In Treatment.” A client comes for a consultation where his/hers natal aspects and transits are depicted through flashbacks.

–      Another possibility is to have the main character solve cases through dreams where the chart would give clues to the mystery.

What do you think? What you would suggest or like to see?

PS: And yes the post was written under 15 minutes!




2 responses

19 03 2010

As a TV producer with a lifelong interest in astrology, I have often wondered this same thing — why there isn’t a TV show featuring astrology. All the show suggestions you guys came up with are interesting but they assume one thing: a basic understanding of astrology.

Most of the TV watchers in the world do not have a basic understanding of astrology, so every scene in which any character would attempt to “use” astrology would require an explanation of the pertinent astrological tenets — which would become, unfortunately, didactic, as well as esoteric and unrelatable for a lot of audience members.

I think there is simply too much expository heavy lifting to explain the most basic astrological concepts and still keep the audience on the hook for the drama. Ghosts, psychics and vampires come with a cultural shorthand in place so the explication is kept to a minimum and the drama can be front and center. My two cents.

19 03 2010
astrology unboxed

Your point is valid and well taken. Indeed an astrology show might require more explanation, but I think it’s not an impossible task. Maybe mixing some documentary style explanation like “secrets of archeology” with action drama. I remember one episode in particular where the narrator was explaining ancient symbols in terms of astrology. It was fascinating. Who know we might invent a whole new genre?

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