The Astrological Signature of a Romance Hero: The Female Character

14 02 2010

© February 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

As I did for the male character, I will now attempt to design the perfect chart for a heroine of a Victorian romance novel (novels set in mid 1800’s England.) I say “attempt” because drafting the ideal heroine’s astrology chart is not as easy for me as it was for the hero.

An astrological note: Since I’m going for the common denominators of a hero or heroine characteristics, some of the astrological placements might not be realistically possible in a chart. For example, Mercury and Venus never can be more than two signs ahead of behind of the sun sign. So if I give our heroine a sun sign in Libra, her mercury cannot be in the opposite sign. If this was done so in these two posts, it was considering the archetypes and stereotypes that describe a hero. A compilation of sorts in this post. No serious astrology was harmed in the making of this post. Okay, back to our heroine’s chart.

One of the most consistent traits of a heroine is that she is beautiful but often is not conscious of her physical appeal. She does not see herself as everyone does which lends her the necessary innocence required of a heroine and would be the counterpoint to the passion hidden inside her. That would indicate in astrological terms a Venus conjunction the ascendant in the 12th house. The 12th house is often viewed as the house of the unconscious, of things, traits and characteristics that the person cannot easily see in herself. Venus as the planet of beauty would be the first thing one would see in our heroine. She would need to be alluring but not blatantly. Venus in Libra, Venus in Pisces would be good choices. Sexy but not threatening as Venus in Scorpio could be.

I would give her a Libra sun sign because of her ability to make everyone around her love and respect her. A diplomat traits, characteristics of a Libra sun sign. She also secretly dreams of marriage and family and finding true love. She also believes she will never be able to achieve it due to circumstances (poverty, sullen reputation if she comes from a wealthy family, etc.)

One of her other qualities would a well developed nurturing side. Very often she has to care for someone or be a companion for someone — a sick mother, an elderly aunt, or a rakish brother. This care-taking will be instrumental to her meeting our hero. She’s knows just what to say in a time of crisis. She’s endlessly understanding. She likes everyone and everyone likes her and she is dependable and always where she needs to be. She is usually great with kids and small animals alike. Those characteristics would place her Moon in sensitive Cancer. Her selflessness and need to take of everybody are perfect expressions of the nurturing side of this placement. She conquers all hearts by her modesty, hard-work, dedication and unselfishness. To account for those qualities, I would place her Moon in Cancer in the 6th House, giving it a Virgo flavor.

A heroine also is normally strong-willed, determined, courageous, and set in bending conventions if necessary. In many romance plots, it is this fearlessness that landed the heroine in trouble and provides the hero with the opportunity to rescue her. In n astrological terms this would translate  as having a strong and well placed Mars. The natural reaction would be to give our character a Mars in Aries. Being the ruler of that sign, Mars would be strong, energetic and assertive. It would also explain the heroine’s penchant in finding trouble, and give her inner strength that will bring her through the hardships she’s sure to face. A Mars in Aries would also give her the ability to accept what IS. But just as she doesn’t yell at the rain for falling or the wind for blowing, she doesn’t waste time lamenting what has happened in the past. Instead, she uses it as the springboard from which to move forward, and she looks for the good in every situation. It is this fortitude that will be one of the reasons the hero will fall in love with her.

She never loses hope and she plows ahead in search of her destiny. She has a deep reservoir of faith, optimism and trust that everything will turn out right in the end. Such strong conviction speaks of a well placed Jupiter in her chart, in Sagittarius, which would account for her never-ending resilience. Probably conjunct the mid-heaven which would account for the  fact that by marrying our hero she is taken away to a better life, that often transcends her social position. Jupiter in the mid-heaven often signifies luck, prosperity and a change of status.

Another constant trait in a heroine’s character is that she is quick witted and loves to spar verbally with the hero. A Mercury in Gemini would do the trick. Also Mercury in good aspect with Mars would create and sustain the mandatory tension between our two characters throughout the book. The romance more often than not starts under a miscommunication problem that throws them together. It serves as the basis for the hate (or strong distaste!) then love dynamic between the characters. It is also her quick wit that usually creates the misunderstanding underlying

A typical romance cover

the plot. She does not perceive the qualities of the hero and prejudges him as being a rake, of ill repute, and only slowly does she comes to view him in a different light altogether, noticing his fine qualities of character. But as soon as she perceives his true nature, she falls in love with him while fighting her attraction to him since she is convinced no future together is possible. In the end. love triumphs and our characters live happily ever after. Another signature of Venus in Pisces.

I have had this long affair with romance novels since I was a teenager and never really outgrew it. And I want to keep this relationship. If I was to choose one of these heroines as my own avatar, I would probably go for Catherine Crawfield, the heroine of the Night Huntress series by Jeanine Frost, an author I recently discovered. Her character is smart, bold, courageous and a misfit. A little bit like myself.




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14 02 2010

Oh, I like the books where the hero and the heroine initially detest each other but are drawn together by impossible to resist sexual chemistry. He has an iron clad control on showing his emotions, but she is the one woman who undoes him. He’s strong, silent, and can do damn near any and everything. She’s overly capable too, and is his equal in strength but talks alot. She’s a fighter, and is probably an Aries. He’s most likely a Scorpio with a Sag moon or ascendant as he is well traveled. He doesn’t lie though, not even to exaggerate. They meet when he is performing some duty for her father or her family. Circumstances go horribly wrong and they must end up traveling together alone. Take it from there… But at the end of the book, she has had to rescue him as much as he has had to rescue her, they acknowledge their love for each other, let down all of their defenses, and ride away happily into the sunset (on horseback).

14 02 2010
astrology unboxed

You pretty well summed up the reasons I love romance novels.

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