The Astrological Signature for a Romance Hero: The Male Character

12 02 2010

One of Fabio's covers for a romance novel.

February 2010 © by Fabienne Lopez

Beth Barany, from Writer’s Fun Zone, was asking her students and fellow writers what constitutes a hero. What are his qualities? How does he express his courage, daring and audacity?

The questions got me excited. The wheels in my head started spinning and the creative juices started flowing!

I love romance novels, specially the ones set in Victorian times (middle 1800 to late 19th century) and the ones about the impossible love story between humans and vampires. I am a romance junkie, an addict, or for a more fancy, upscale less prejudiced word, an aficionado.

I consume a fair amount of these books especially in times of crisis, with a need for procrastination, distraction, or brain relaxation. I always have one stashed away for emergency cases, next to my more “serious” reading — you know, astrology books, sociology, history and political stuff.

I blame it on my Libra moon, so interested in romantic relationships and always pinning for the perfect one. You know the whole, virgin heroine, white horse prince enchilada. Besides, the covers are nothing to sneeze at. They only add a layer of eye candy-ness to the whole experience. And the really cheesy covers can make you laugh until your stomach aches.

As things were slow at the office this past week, Beth’s questions kept me thinking about what the chart of the ideal hero of a romance would look like. I daydreamed the hero’s chart, and placed his Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. As this an imagined chart, not all the placements would be astrologically feasible in terms of signs. For example a sun in Aries cannot have a Mercury in Capricorn as Mercury is never far away from  the sun sign.

Would he have a sun in Aries, since this sign carries the archetype signature for the hero? Fearless, impetuous, adventurous, bold, courageous. Also many of the heroes  are ex-soldiers, spies, special forces, explorers or archeologists – typical occupations of an Aries. If not Aries, then what?  Sagittarius? For the love of adventure and exploration of uncharted territories?

What about his moon? Where would it be? I would shoot for Moon in Libra mainly for one reason: The hero has been deeply hurt by a past relationship and has vowed never to trust women again. In order to do that he builds a reputation for being a ladies man without ever falling in love. He keeps his emotions under control – that is, until he meets our heroine. Secretly he longs for a meaningful relationship but is afraid to trust again. The heroine will heal his wounds and allow him to show his more feminine sensitive side.

No doubts our hero would have Mars in Scorpio. After all, they carry a reputation for being rogues, having affairs and disreputable past until they meet the heroine. As the heroine is usually a virgin (in the novels I read), our hero needs to be knowledgeable and skilled at all things about sex in order for him to introduce his soul mate to the joys of sex. And a Mars in Scorpio is the archetype for steamy sex. In addition, the Mars in Scorpio fits the physical profile of heroes: dark languorous eyes (bedroom eyes), jet black hair, sensuous lips, a brooding appeal, and a mysterious air that speaks of untold secrets and wounds.  Of course, he is tall, brawny, muscular, and tanned from outdoors activities such a hunting. In other words, he is an overbearing alpha male. He is a moody rebel, who can be very arrogant. However, he is very attractive to women who are drawn to his complicated personality, hidden conflicts, and secret past.

Another famous model used in many romance novel covers - Cherin Fortif

I am not sure where I would place our hero’s Mercury. Maybe in Capricorn as his word is good as gold and generally he abides by his own code of morality and justice. He is also sensitive to the feelings of others, responsible, even-handed in his dealings with his social inferiors. Any suggestions?

What would make our hero romantic and hot? What romantic gestures and sexy ideas would create the perfect setting to build the necessary emotional and sexual tension between our two heroes and allow them to reach their passion potential? Sensuous Taurus, maybe. Even tough it is ruled by Venus, a Taurus Venus does not seem right. Too slow, stubborn, too vanilla like.

Maybe Venus in Leo. After all, our hero is a gallant, chivalrous character, who, once has his heart settled, only wants to make our heroine happy. A Venus in Leo would fit the need for more than vanilla love scenes without too much erotica involved (unless you like that sort of thing, then his Venus might be  in Scorpio!) Besides, Leo rules the heart in astrology and one of the tenets of romance novels is the need for a happy ending, where the love story is the most important facet of the book.

I created this chart from an avid reader’s perspective, and what fun it was! Almost as good as reading a romance novel, but not quite. Thanks Beth for the inspiration! Now I’m going back to some reading!




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15 04 2010
The Astrological Signature of the Anti-Hero « Astrology Unboxed

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15 02 2010
Eva McKellen

Loved this! Thanks Fabienne for writing up such an interesting astrology profile of a romantic hero, I really enjoyed it.

I too use astrology when creating my characters, though I tend to stick to sun, moon and rising signs. After reading your posts, I may go a bit deeper 🙂

What do you think of his Mercury in Aquarius? As that has many of the Mercury attributes you wrote above plus could add a bit more intellectual foreplay?

My own Mars is in Scorpio … going to go check in the mirror after I finish this comment, to see if I have dark, langorous bedroom eyes … LOL


PS Hi Beth, thanks for passing on the link to this post!

15 02 2010
astrology unboxed

Thanks Eva! I had great fun in doing this and have been inspired to continue writing about the characteristics of the female character and the anti-hero (soon to be posted)
I am thrilled to learn that you use astrology for developing your characters! It makes it so much easier, I think! Please tell me more about it. Do you use to throughout the book or just to develop the story line?
As for your suggestion of a Mercury in Aquarius for our hero, I am concerned it would make our hero too detached and the characters would lose all the fire in their dialogue. But maybe as the astrological signature for the anti-hero?
I am sure you have lovely Scorpio eyes! They all do.

15 02 2010
Eva McKellen

Hi Fabienne,

oooh, yes, good idea to use merc in Aquarius for the anti-hero. I have that placement and we do have diabolical minds sometimes! LOL… (thank goodness for mars in scorpio to heat up that aloofness)

I’ve always used astrology just to pinpoint my characters a wee bit. I like your idea of taking some astrology license because it still works in creating characters and they won’t remind me of people I know!

My current hero so far is either a Taurus Sun with a Sag rising or a Sag Sun with a strong Taurus placement or two. It’s an unusual combination I know so I’m experimenting because he needs to be very strong (and a bit stubborn), supressed passion, and quite sensual, with a somewhat idealistic heart. I haven’t decided on his final chart as it’s still early in my novel, so I’m glad Beth put up a link to your blog because it’s started me thinking again!

Can’t wait to see more 🙂


15 02 2010
astrology unboxed

The combination you are suggesting for your hero is what I call a “Yes but” combination meaning it not harmonious as one would like but they are not enemies. It’s uncomfortable but not so much that it prevents you from going back to it. Pretty much like a dress a tad too small but keep wearing it because you love that dress. Sag Sun with Taurus rising would make more sense in terms of the traditional occupation for an hero – Sag = adventurer, explorer, teacher, healer, guru. The Taurus rising would give the hero persistence, earthy sensuality, unflappable tenacity. With Taurus sun and Sag rising it seems the emphasis is on the instinctual side of the hero as opposed to brains. That’s what came to mind.
I looked at your website – interesting post. Have had any books published? Could not find any mention of it?

16 02 2010
Eva McKellen

Thank you so much for your thoughts on this. I really like the analogy of ‘a dress a tad too small’! I want my hero to be a tad uncomfortable, not in his skin, but in his life. That adds tension and opportunity for conflict and growth. I will probably go with Sag Sun and Taurus Rising – as I like my hero to use his brain. Loved the way you described the difference.

Thanks for checking out my site! I have not had a book published yet, though I’m a columnist for magazines. I will have a finished manuscript this year and I’m actually working with Beth so she can help me do this. I’ll definitely let you know when my book is ready 🙂

Looking forward to seeing more of your posts and hope you enjoy karen’s books if you find them!

All the best


14 02 2010
The Astrological Signature of a Romance Hero: The Female Character « Astrology Unboxed

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13 02 2010
Beth Barany

Love it, and will let my romance novel writing friends know about your post via Twitter and Facebook!

12 02 2010

Enjoyed it, ma belle!

12 02 2010
astrology unboxed

Me too! Lots of fun figuring the chart and matching it with the characteristics of the heroes of the romance novels I read. I was surprised by the amount of knowledge that came pouring out of my head. But then I have been an avid reader for many years.

15 02 2010
Eva McKellen

Fabienne, do you ever read karen marie moning’s books? I wonder what kind of chart you think Drustan and Daegus McKeltar have, if you’ve read her work?

15 02 2010
astrology unboxed

Never heard of hear. I will check to see if the local library has them. And will report back.

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