New Year’s 2010 in Sin City

1 02 2010

©February 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

Credit: Beatnikside - Flickr Creative CommonsI spent New Year’s 2010 in Las Vegas. A city I am always happy to visit — not that I gamble — but for the fascination it exerts over me. I love the lack of physical boundaries between day-to-day reality and the imaginary.

Usually when you go to an amusement park, you have to go through a gate to step inside. Not so with Sin City. You come off the plane and Bam! Alternate reality slaps you in your face. Starting at the airport. It’s the only airport I know where you can play at the slots machines while waiting for your flight. I wonder how many gamblers pray for a flight delay.

When I came back to the San Francisco Bay Area I immediately looked up Las Vegas’ astrological data. According to, Las Vegas was founded on May 15, 1905 at 10:00 AM and incorporated in March 16, 1911 (no time given). The town of Las Vegas was established with the opening of the Salt Lake, San Pedro & Los Angeles Railroad.

The time provided for the city’s foundation gives the city a Leo Ascendant which fits the profile of a city dedicated to partying and good times. It also speaks of the grand creative project that is Las Vegas – transforming a piece of desert into a world-wide destination.

I would have expected Neptune to be more prominent in the city’s chart, since you can see Neptune’s manifestation everywhere. The imaginary is so present all around you. Where else can you travel around the world in 3.4 miles? Up and down a strip (Paris, New York, Tuscany, Venice, Egypt, etc.) for so little money (well, relatively little money).

I overheard a conversation between a couple. The man was saying to his wife: “Honey! We don’t need to go to Europe. We can do it all right here! Imagine how much we are saving!” True story!

Neptune for Las Vegas is in the 11th house in Cancer, a good placement for the hordes of tourists looking to escape their daily routine and immerse themselves in an alternate reality. The fact that Neptune is in Cancer seems to speak of a certain romantic mystique, evidence by the fact that you can get married in chapels performing weddings 24/7 under the aegis of an Elvis impersonator or your favorite star. Maybe the illusion that the marriage will last longer than the average statistics is stronger in Sin City, or Neptune clouds your judgment about your partner as you see them through rose-colored lenses. There are enough quick weddings among movie stars that ended up being annulled a few days later to prove the point. Brittney Spears or Carmen Electra anyone? By the way, I’ve never seen so many bridal parties during New Year’s Eve! They were literarily lining up outside a famous chapel just before midnight. Besides the romantic side of it – getting married on New Year’s Eve – there is an income tax consideration, as my accountant reminded me- even if you get married on the last day of the year, you still get that year’s full tax deduction for married couples (though check with your accountant to be sure!) – it’s so Las Vegas too. Money and romance.

The attention to details in each thematic hotel is also another sign of Neptune’s illusion characteristic. When you walk along the shops at the Venetian, you transport yourself to Venice, window browsing at the Italian shops along the Gran Canal, followed by a gondolier until you hit the Piazza San Marco. The illusion is so great inside that the lighting follows an imaginary sun path growing dimmer as we approach dusk. The security officers inside the shopping are dressed as carabinieri, Italian police officers.

In Las Vegas’ chart, the water element is powerfully displayed by a grand trine*, as if in counterpoint to the geographical location of the city – the desert. Water features are emphasized all around in the city. The best example is the Dancing Water Fountain at the Bellagio Hotel, where jets choreographed to popular music and show-tunes soar 240 feet above an eight-acre lake.

*For the non astrologer, a grand trine is a favorable aspect where two planets are connected by 120° degrees and in turn connect to a third planet also separated by the same number of degrees.

Jupiter in Taurus in the 10th House has set Sin City on a dizzying route to fame and fortune and methink too, it’s strong desire for abundance for food and quality merchandise. Las Vegas has definitely become a world class culinary hotspot. Every major Michelin star chef is there. Needless to say, I ate and ate and ate some more, even if it was eating only samplers.

The Taurus side of Jupiter shows up also in Las Vegas’ legendary shopping experience. Every major deluxe brand is present and accounted for in each and every hotel. For a Brazilian that’s paradise, as Brazilians love to shop. They really do. (I’m Brazilian.) At the end of four days, the tally was two extra suitcases for each of my friends. That’s a lot of shopping! As for me, I played fashion consultant. My friends are always praising how good an eye for fashion I have, so I had a great time helping them find bargains and looking beautiful. Besides I could not break my rule: Travel light always or fear the consequences of lost luggage.

Because I love Las Vegas and it exerts an unquestionable fascination over me, I did a quick chart comparison between my own natal chart and Las Vegas’. Sure enough, I was right. I  L.O.V.E Las Vegas as her Venus is conjunct mine.

Las Vegas chart below:

Photo Credit: Beatnikside – Flickr Creative Commons




3 responses

11 02 2010
Jamie Funk

more than just a grand trine! a chiron yod and a mystic rectangle. i would love to visit there one day. maybe i will with my part of spirit (future) on her chiron 🙂

12 02 2010
astrology unboxed

Yes Jamie, I agree to chart of Las Vegas is rich in aspects. So much to say about the chart and how it find it’s expression in my love for that city. Maybe in a future post. Thanks for stopping by.

2 02 2010
Robert Nunn

Hello, Fabienne. Just as i was publishing my astrological take on my city, Norwich, England, i noticed you had just written about Las Vegas. Cities make good vehicles for astrological work, well done on your work, Robert.

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