12 Signs, 365 days of shoes

19 11 2009

© November19, 2009 by Fabienne Lopez

Those who know me are aware that I am a shoe fanatic. I get teased regularly about it, because nothing in my persona would lend to this secret passion.  But I am a shoe passionate and can recognize brands and models in a single look. The same way I am good at guessing people’s sun sign. So I decided to have a bit of fun and put my knowledge to good use and match the zodiac sign with their respective shoes. While written with women in mind, men you may find something in her for you too!


  • Shoes for every sign

    Aries: Red shoes. Simple, clean straight forward line that allows the Arian girl to go from Point A to Point B in the fastest way. Think the red boots of Wonder Woman.

  • Taurus: Practical, sturdy, well made, versatile, durable are some of the attributes a Taurus woman will look for in her shoes. Good quality for a good price. Something beautiful in leather and earth tones that can do double duty are a must. Picture Nanny McPhee.
  • Gemini: The fun, flirty, chatty, trendy, charming side of a Gemini woman will be reflected in her choice of shoes.  She will follow the latest trends and will always be wearing a pair that will be a conversation starter. Imagine Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe closet.
  • Cancer: Your lunar nature wears your old favorites shoes until they fall apart. They feel comfortable, comfy and soothing in colors of the moon and the sea. The hard-shell nature of the Cancerian woman finds its perfect expression in the protection of boots, the toughest footwear to break through. Her tender nurturing side shows in her fuzzy wuzzy slippers.
  • Leo: Show off, standout, sexy shoes are what the “Queen of the Jungle” requires of her shoes. High heels and stiletto in attention-grabbing gold color is a must so it can match the sunny side of her personality.
  • Virgo: Like the other earth signs, Virgoans need practical serviceable shoes with superior craftsmanship. Think handmade with an eye for hidden details and earth tones. For these reasons, Virgo’s will have some of the most practical shoes known to man, such as comfy ballet flats and slide-on mules to simplify the many tasks that they undertake during an average day.
  • Libra: Ruled by Venus, Libra women need dainty, feminine shoes in hues of blue, purple and lavender with lots of lace and floral prints. No heavy platforms or clogs for you.

  • Scorpio: Sexy, sensuous footwear is a given for a Scorpio. Red, black, silver or white patent-leather, high-heeled, thigh-high boots. Case in point: Hale Berry as Catwoman!As a kid, I had a pair of yellow patent shoe that I lived to death
  • Sagittarius: “Shoes for the road” is Sagittarius motto. Always on the go, a Sagittarian needs comfy footwear that holds up to her adventurous side. Midnight blue, dark plum snazzy sneakers are sure to please any Sagittarian. Nike’s swoosh and tagline “Just do it” might have been invented with a Sagittarian in mind.

  • Capricorn: Career shoes organized by color, height and purpose are the trademark of a Capricorn woman. Since Capricorn’s are somewhat practical, shoes in a classic, practical style in earth tones and/or black are an ideal choice. Ideally, a stable black pump in classic, durable leather will relay to the world that the wearer means business. The term “casual elegance” must have been coined for you. You like timeless shoes with subtle, stylish touches.

  • Aquarius: Flip Flops are what Aquarians like to wear best! But they are not above wearing any style that is retro – think 1940’s era shoes, original canvas shoes featuring colorful peace signs, fun designs or eccentric colors.  Electric blue, silver, off-white or almond are some of your favorite colors.

  • Pisces: Pisces rule the feet. You’re the Cinderella of footwear, forever searching for the dreamiest glass slipper. Therefore, you dream of the latest jeweled, rhinestone-studded, jewels dangling flats that allow you to dance until the stroke of midnight.


Can you tell if this rings true? It might not for your sun sign, but you might see yourself reflected in your rising sign. As an Aries woman, I am not always attracted to red shoes. But my Pisces rising loves  shinny flats.


If interested, contact me for additional fashion tips based on astrology! Fabienne@astro-brasil.com

Credits: Photos are from Flickr Creative Commons




9 responses

9 12 2009

Fabienne, I LOVE this post! I always wondered why I was drawn to red suede pumps, or red patent leather. Great job.

6 12 2009

Wow, this post is spot on for my rising sign and the planets that are rising and moon sign, regarding the shoes I bought a few months ago to attend a wedding & graduation. My other dress shoes had pretty much given up the ghost as they were over 20 yrs old and hurt my feet. I wish I could include a pic. They are a Mary Jane like style, black patent leather with a 3 & 1/2 in stiletto shaped chunky heel that’s 1 in wide at the bottom. This is mucho wider than stilettos so this makes the shoes are very comfortable along with the rounded toe but extremely sexy at the same time. I had them on for a total of 9 hours the day of the wedding which for me and previous high heeled shoes I’ve owned in the past trying to be cute in is unheard of. Descriptive of my Virgo rising with Uranus & Pluto rising & Leo Moon. lol I do have a pair of candy apple red with a patent leather strap flip flops. I’m an Aries Sun too.


6 12 2009
astrology unboxed

Thanks for the comment. I do love shoes, specially red. I like the description of your wedding shoes. Seems like something I would wear. I am always looking for comfortable and sexy shoes (are they oxymorons?) with a heel. I am pretty much resigned to flats since every time I wear heels it’s step and 3 stumbles.

6 12 2009

“…I am always looking for comfortable and sexy shoes (are they oxymorons?) with a heel…”

LOL! That’s what I was saying and wondering the day of the wedding. I just knew my feet were going to be killing me and that I’d be cursing myself out under my breath like what in the h*ll were you thinking buying heels like that. The reception was at another location away from the church and the parking was about a block walk. Then we stopped by my mother’s since she did not live far from the reception site and again parking was another block walk. I was amazed by the time we got home my feet were not aching like they usually are when I wear normal sized heels…b4 for I get out the door, let alone actually GO somewhere.

6 12 2009
astrology unboxed

What I end up doing is web browsing for sexy shoes to my heart’s content and stick to ballet flats for day to day life. It saves me a lot of money that way! LOL.

25 11 2009

i just saw this and appreciate this..I am a taurus…and I do love a good quality shoe..I spent over $400.00 on a pair of boots this season.It is overly extravagant for me, but the leather is so beautiful and I wear them almost everyday and have therefore turned into a really great investment. I bought them in September and the soles need to go to a cobbler.

P.s. my friend is a Pisces and she buys the flashiest, fashionable unpractical shoes..she already had multiple corns in her early 20’s…LOL!!!!!!

Not me…LOL!!!!!

25 11 2009
astrology unboxed

Hi Yvonne:
Yes, I totally relate. I love shoes, beautiful shoes, but at this point in my life it seems I wear sensible shoes. Ugh! I get expensive ones to feel a little better about it, haha! I once bought a pair of “walkies” short boots for waitressing, not expensive, but very u-g-l-y.

19 11 2009

Great blog! I think this is my favorite:) Keep em’ coming…

20 11 2009
astrology unboxed

Hi Jen:
It’s fun to show the crossroads of astrology and fashion. I will have more similar post in the future. Thanks for the support, it is deeply appreciated.

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