Mars in Leo – A case study in progress

11 11 2009

©November 11, 2009 by Fabienne Lopez

Note. While this post is geared toward the student of astrology, it will be mostly in plain English with some “astrologese” thrown in.

In the November 5, 2009 post (, I explained the importance of Mars in Leo. This week, I will look at how Mars in Leo affects me specifically. While you read, think about your chart, and how Mars is affecting it.

This prolonged stay of Mars in Leo – from October 2009 to June 2010 – will be an interesting transit for me because of the positive effect this transit will cause on my own chart.

In my natal chart, I have Sun in Aries in the first house square Mars in Cancer in the fourth. In plain English, this means there is tension between my sun and my Mars, or between who I am and how I assert myself.

During Mars’ stay in Leo, it will be making a trine, or an encouraging aspect, to my sun. A reverse of sorts. As a person who pays attention to how her transits manifest in real life, I am wondering how it feels to be living the opposite of my natal aspect. What does it mean to have Mars in favorable aspect to my sun when my whole life I’ve had to deal with a square?

A Sun square Mars is not an easy aspect to live with. Suffice to say that I have had difficulties with being assertive, going after what I want and standing up for myself.

If I were to use a metaphor to describe this aspect I’ve been living with all my life, I would say it is like wearing a shoe that is too small for you. My toes do not have room to stretch. They constantly rub against the leather, causing painful blisters. I end up walking in discomfort, dying to kick them off. And why don’t I? Asks the reader? That’s when my problems with assertiveness kicks in, I answer. I rather put on a band-aid until such time I can safely discard the shoes without causing any confrontations, instead of just kicking them off.

If I continue with the metaphor, this Mars transit could be the perfect size shoe. How? By showing me a more positive way to negotiate my own internal conflicts — with assertiveness and personal goals. This transit could be the perfect shoe size by increasing my ability to establish boundaries and pursue my own self-interest with less self-doubt and vulnerability.

Although, for me, the transit will not go into full effect until mid-November, I can already feel its manifestation. This blog is proof.

As soon as Mars entered Leo, I launched Astrology Unboxed. Something that had been three years in the making! I just did it. Why?

Because now I found the courage to find my own voice, to develop my unique creativity. Something I always wanted and was too afraid to go after.

Being creative is something that I am doing with increasing confidence and gusto. My issues around assertiveness and creativity have not disappeared, but now the Mars energy in Leo helps me deal with those issues in a more constructive way.

My new-found confidence also comes from a conscious decision on my part to work with this transit, to take advantage of its positive energy. I want to make the most of it, so that in of June 2010, when this transits ends, I can look back and see how what constituted a hindrance in my chart became an asset.

Before I even launched the blog, the first step was writing a post and publishing it. A nerve racking experience ridden on a roller-coaster of anxiety! But sooooooo exhilarating! (My first post, on The Saturn-Neptune Quincunx and its Part in our Economic Woes

In launching my own blog I realized I had broken a taboo, I had gone against an unspoken rule in my family – Do not shine your own light, do not express yourself, do not stand out. Powerful message that I have been faithfully observing all my life. The underlying assumption was that expressing myself creatively would be akin to wearing a shoe too big for me.

Each of us has difficult aspects in our charts, each of us has unspoken rules that we are not supposed to break. But the beauty of the Mars in Leo transit described in my other post is to give us an opportunity to discover the upside of walking in uncomfortable shoes.

What is the upside? Empathy for yourself, for your struggles and for your need to assert your unique individuality. And the results, of course!

And for those wondering, yes I am a shoe fanatic.

How is Mars in Leo affecting you? How can you harness its energy – to get radical results and unleash your creativity with style, guts and super-charged energy? If you’re curious to know the answer to this provocative question, you can schedule an astrology reading to find out.

Fabienne Lopez reads and interprets astrology charts for inquisitive people across the country- Fabienne




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